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New Year's Day Yoga 2018
Sensual Yoga with Michelle Cordero - Oakland CA
Michelle Cordero Yoga and Dance - Warrior Goddess
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  • About Michelle

    hc3 Michelle's style is accessible to all.  An athlete and gym rat back in 1995, Michelle took her first yoga class... and hated it! Read More » ------------------------
  • Class Schedule

    Michelle Cordero Dance and Yoga, Oakland, Berkeley, CA See Michelle's current weekly class schedule - find a time and place that's convenient for you, and meet us there!
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  • Workshops & Events

    Michelle frequently offers unique and engaging workshops, classes, and special events. See when the next event is and get registered. Upcoming Workshops » --------------
  • Sensual Yoga

    Come let your hair down, open your hips and ignite your feminine fire! Sensual Yoga helps you develop heightened self confidence, increased sensuality, comfort with and ease in your body. Tell Me More »

  • Coaching

    Michelle assist 325.275

    Take your career to the next level with Yoga Teacher Coaching or New Yoga Teacher mentoring. Take your life to the next level with Artist of the Spirit Coaching.
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  • Craniosacral Work

    This healing modality uses light touch to balance the body. reduce stress and improve the immune system. Relaxing at a very deep level.
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  • Surfing the Waves of Change on the Mat

    Michelle Cordero - Common Ground Magazine

    Hey I wrote an article for the September 2016 edition of Common Ground Magazine. Check it out here!